Erotic pics of Brunettes vs Blondes are more sexier

Being sexy and desirable is dependent on more than just looks. There are some men who think blondes are sexier than brunettes but if you ask me, I think brunettes are sexier because they have more going on for them than their hair. Below are the reasons why I think brunettes are sexier than blondes. But first let us look into what men find sexy in a woman. I’ll give you reasons why erotic pics of brunettes are sexier than those of blondes.

Her curves

Most men like a curvaceous erotic woman so that they have something to hold on to when making love to them in the night. They like the feel of their femininity when they run their fingers on their bodies. There are isolated instances where a man likes a lady that’s not curvy, but these are 1 in 10 cases.

The spark

Sleeping with a woman to some men is not just about the body and the moment of it, they like having something to feel. Having a spark between them so that it’s not just empty sex that they can get on the streets and pay for when they feel like it.

She’s Playful

A woman who takes herself very seriously all the time is not always the first choice for a man. He wants someone that will know when to let her guard down and play around with him to build the desire, the want because of how many times she has teased and brushed herself on him without giving in.

She’s beautiful and erotic

Candy for the eye; with a man, sometimes it’s as simple as what they see on erotic pics. They need for you to feed their eyes so that they don’t have to try so hard to want and desire her to the bones. When a woman has a delightful erotic appearance on pics, then it’s easy for a man to spot what he wants.

Points to prove that brunettes are sexier than blondes

Intelligence: As we well know, blondes are considered shallow and not so bright. Well, it’s not just a speculation, I’m sure you can bear witness to this fact. The thing is that men are no longer just turned on by looks; they want a woman they can an intelligent conversation with before they go to bed or when they are idle. They want a woman with common sense and a bearable IQ if not high.

Easy to maintain: Yeah, there are men who unfortunately look at the expense factor. It’s also true that brunettes are less expensive than blondes. They apparently have a better sense on what’s important and what comes next. They have their priorities set straight. Hence, it’s better for them to stare and compare Brunettes vs Blondes. This factor is enough to prove that erotic pics of brunettes are sexier than blondes.

Delicious body: According to new tastes men have developed, brunettes are sweet and very delicious. Once you have then you never go back. This shows that erotic pics of brunettes are sexier than blondes.

Classy appearance: Brunettes ooze class in more than one instance. They have a way with their shiny locks that makes them look very elegant and desirable. Men would rather look at a classy brunette than a trashy blonde. An erotic pics of a brunette is sexier than a blondes pics any day.

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