How to Ask for Her Number

It is the dream of many men to get a girl’s number especially when they have admired her. This may come to reality only when they use the right approach that has been proven and tested. You can’t stop a group of busty London hot blondeescorts and start seducing them anyhow with the intent of obtaining their phone numbers. A man should act gently by using an approach that is indeed welcoming. You could be a stranger and there is no way you can stop busty London escorts by the road and demand for their numbers as they are not telephone directories.

It is wrong for one to use a friend to get a girl’s number then call her thereafter. If you can explain well where you got the number, you will be blacklisted very fast. On the other hand by revealing to gals that you got their numbers from other chick, you should embrace yourself for a deeply rude shock. These busty London escorts will be angry to both of you which you understand.

The best thing a gentleman should do is to use a slow approach when in dire need of a particular gal’s number. When you meet a gal for the first time, a simple greeting like handshake and a short comment is enough. For example, she could be new in an office where you also work. Don’t ask her for her number during the first day. You can shake her hand then say something like have a good day. The following day, you can ask her about how her time was when you left.

By this time she will be free to talk to you and that is the right time to ask her name. If she complies gently, maybe

you can advance to her mobile number. This is a simple way that doesn’t show any demand and the busty London escorts will be willing to offer you unconditionally.

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